Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Practical readings. Anette

Another reading of Luis Felipe Tenorio and Tarot Experience, from Columbia. This reading corresponds to a person who asked a precise question, selected its own cards and authorized to have it post in this blog and it’s proposed only as an example and discussion topic. The procedure for asking questions is at http://tarotexperience.blogspot.com/p/readings-for-free.html I invite you to read other articles and examples in this blog and share the experience

This consultant asks me for her relationship with his current partner. Your cards, Justice, 10 of wands, Strength (reversed)

I begin by saying that this reading is fairly rare, the kind that one is surprised of coming across with. First, there have been an on-going debate literally for a century about the right place of the justice and strength in the sequence of arcana: in many decks they trade places and historical precedence reasons apart there’re vigorous reasons to defend each alternative. On the other hand, the sequence of numbers is nearly perfect (8/10/11 whatever the place you assign to Justice & Strength). And finally, it is remarkably notorious that what separates these two arcane is precisely the 10 of wands.

Well, after the academic pedant part (but hey! It’s really such a striking reading... anyway!) come down to business. Justice at foundation is usually a bell that you do not want to hear: it’s asking if we didn’t allow to be taken to a situation we don’t like and now we do not know how to get out. Justice is a card that always reminds us that the worst betrayal is the one we make to ourselves, and if in the name of love, of the future or the relationship you withstand the unbearable and tolerate the intolerable, now you have what you deserve . From there we go to the central position, 10 of wands, a card full of worries, sadness and lovingly devoted to collect and sort out every day all the reasons to explain why things won’t work out. That, which is an attitude problem, is not to say these problems are invented, of course they exist. And so we arrive to The Strength in the outcome: an invitation to patience, to subtlety and the idea of giving now to win later. Accept your part in the problems the relationship is facing but demand your partner do the same, be easy like a judo fighter and remember: you can’t do whatever it takes to save a relationship, at some point you have to draw the line.

The promise of the tarot: there are certain life lessons that are horrible, especially those related to look at ourselves and see what has been our role in a situation. This is one of those, but what you're playing clearly (two major arcana in three cards is a trascendent message), is not just the relationship, but your future, your happiness and your ability to relate with a partner in a way that makes you happy.

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