Thursday, April 8, 2010

Arcana of the week

These forecasts and predictions are made using tarot cards and astrological charts. They correspond to the week from Wed April 7th to Tue April 13th

will have a hectic week, with a lot of irons in the fire and many issues running at the same time. While the rams normally respond to these situations with excessive force and energy tending to make things worse, this week they will choose the relaxed approach of the two of pentacles to address their agendas one at a time. In the process they will discover two things: an adaptative aptitude seldom used and, above all, that despite much pressure they’ll be having fun while eliminating one by one things from their to-do list

Taurus Most of the time we live in a bag of so-called "normality" and the practical and down-to-earth Bulls greatly appreciate it. But bubbling below there are terrifying things we do not understand: just think how vulnerable we become in the dark, even in a familiar terrain. That’s the Moon: experiencing fear, feel that our inner demons are free, ideas become unrealistic, energy has no direction. It is a week of unrest, most signs have an ordeal while taking a stroll by the other side of life with this unnerving but necessary arcane. Remember: while you’re there it's all about breathing, calm down...

Gemini people are intuitive and resourceful but their span of attention is not something to bet on, so the eight of pentacles is both a blessing and a task. As a blessing, this week they will be laying a foundation to reap rich rewards in time. As a task... well, to say the universe gives nothing away for free is a truism, the Twins should apply fully this week, taking courses to increase their knowledge and mastery of their craft and show painstakingly attention to detail. The powers of focusing of the Twins may not be strong, but that makes the fruit promised by the effort more significant in a medium-term.

Cancer: the crabs are a sign dedicated to contemplation, share the characteristics of their erotic and sensual water element and their desire for security can become an engine of prosperity, all of which are very suitable for their arcane of the week, the Empress. These are days of extravagant abundance, appreciate beauty and pamper yourself as much as you can. Days of having a deeper contact with nature, to fully experience your senses. For a change, put aside your shyness and your desire for security and welcome days of emotional and material abundance, the card says you’re entitle to it all this week.

Leo: The lions are the most solar sign of all, they feed on sunlight as Superman gets his powers from the yellow sun. This sign would love to live in perpetual summer holiday, with everything that it implies: parade, parties, swimming, tanning and light and outrageous enjoyment so they can admire everything good that life has to offer and they can show themselves to be admired by everybody. The Sun, of course, brings exactly that: this week are are days of winning a new level of understanding of life and its realities, to achieve pre-eminence, experience the grandeur and, above all, be happy with life.

Virgo: Some scholars say that Pisces is the most erotic sign of all but the most complete lovers are Virgo, so The lovers fits them beautifully and these natives will do the most of his card: to establish links, empathize with others. These are days of extreme and the most pleasurable sexual activity. But also days that outside the personal and emotional sphere will demand to strongly set personal values and defend them, to choose between right and wrong and hold your ground dearly for that choice.

Libra: These are not easy days for the Scales, but there is a time for everything in life, even for 5 of pentacles. Their desire for justice make the Scales to defend unpopular positions and take other people's problems as their own. Often this champion attitude work well, sometimes not, this week is the latter and several of your fights have come to take their toll. These are days of material deprivation, lack of support and a general feeling of loneliness. Possibly this will be reflected in poor health, either because among all the things falling upon you there is a disease or simply because you somaticize so much distress. But this is not a long lasting arcane as and its lessons are valuable.

Scorpio: The 5 of swords screams one word: selfishness. The thing is it has two sides: either you're defining your interests too narrowly, or someone that should include you in his thinks only of himself. This is a difficult card for all kind of relationships, being emotional, working or any other kind; it talks about somebody sacrificing integrity to achieve goals. Do not give in to that temptation, no goal is so valuable to betray yourself and what you think.

Sagittarius: On the one hand, the six of swords brings to the Centaurs a vague sense of sadness and dissatisfaction extremely hard to locate but one that taints every color in daily life in cloudly gray. It is not a very comfortable situation for anyone, much less for these joyful sign, but it's part of life experience. The good news is that this feeling also announces recovery, trauma left behind, healing and feelings that things have improved after some recent difficult encounters. Now you’re a in your way for great things.

Capricorn: It’s kind of funny to see a most prudent sign as the goats under the influence of such a hurricane like the Knight of Wands, but it’s always a mistake to forget the powerful forces beneath the detached behavior of capricorn. The card promises furious energy in the projects you have undertaken at your workplace. However, pour that energy in doses: do not let so much force to become ephemeral and if things do not go well at the first time then you're disappointed. It is a wonderful boost, but remember your career is a long term; if you put all your strength in one goal in one try you better have a sure bet. And there’s no such a thing.

Aquarius: this is a revolutionary sign, somehow determined to break the rules, but is also familiar, they highly value the peace and domestic experience. That is exactly what brings you 10 cups this week. These are days to reaffirm the commitment and the bond, share places or events with your dearest ones, those who in everyday life are called "family." So is a happy day, to feel in harmony, to feel well and in general the opportunity to enjoy the good fortune of having the life you have.

Pisces: the jack of cups brings to this sign the beginning of a cycle whose results are scheduled in some time but is very well aspected. As usual with the jacks, this week does not happen much... but they allow many things happen in time. Pisces will enjoy days of deep tenderness and romance and, at work, to have ideas that have yet to improve much, but will become important projects. "Name of the game now? Perseverance

This week belong to Cancer, Leo and Virgo

The sign that sychronizes the best its features with its task this week Pisces and Leo

There’s a natural partnership this week between Geminis and Capricorn, though is a rather ackward alliance for the roles are reversed: this week Gemni will be the focused, prudent and detail-orinted and Capricorn the impatient and forceful. Both of them should use this week to learn a lot about the other and themselves.

There’s a natural partnership this week between Aquarius and Pisces, both of them dtermined to enjoy their emotional life.

There’s a natural partnership this week between Gemini and Sagittarius; both of them ar looking for ways to fulfill their possibilities, yet they’re in different moods, so they’ll have to be patient to each other.

There’s opposition this week between Capricorn and Pisces. Capricorn wants the results of their project now, they think they’re ready and Pisces are in a very calmed mood, waiting for something.

There’s opposition this week between Taurus and Cancer. For nothing special, just because Taurus happens to have the arcane of Cancer this week and that always creates some trouble among those concerned.

There’s opposition this week between Taurus and Leo. The Moon and The Sun. Is there anything left to say?

Deal with caution this week with Scorpio. They want their agendas completed, they’ll have it and have no consideration for anybody else.
Do not leave alone this week Libra. They need to feel support, they need their friends right at their side, even if they’re unable to see them right now.

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Vic said...

Don´t know about my relations with Pisces but the part about Capricorn and Gemini this week holds very much true. My boss is a Gemini and he has been calming me down during the whole week, soothing me and pampering me. And my best friend is also a Gemini and she was offered an incredibly good opportunity, almost a miracle, and while I´m all positive and joyful, she´s full of fears, I had never seen her that afraid in my whole life.